Who We Are

The Campus Safety office fosters a secure environment for the university’s academic and research enterprise. Emergency planning and routine safety operations are at the forefront for the departments in this area of the Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) portfolio.

Our Mission

Campus Safety analyzes, prepares for, protects from, and responds to potential hazards and safety risks in order to promote the safety and continuity of the university environment and operations.


Campus Safety provides a resilient framework and environment that enriches the university academic and research mission by establishing an innovative and adaptable safety culture.

Core values

We are customer service oriented and offer responsive, reliable and seamless support.

We are exceptional caretakers of the resources entrusted to FAS.

We perform our work in a transparent, honest, and accountable manner. We also commit to meeting all compliance and reporting standards.

We are creative and innovative in our service to the campus community.

We believe the best ideas are born from sharing viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions from colleagues with varied backgrounds and experiences.

We work collaboratively across our organizations on common objectives and develop efficient and cost effective systems and processes for campus.


  • Continue to develop, gain approval, and implement safety and security programs that ensure the welfare of the campus community.
  • Continue to develop, implement, and sustain effective campus safety and security communications.
  • Promote best management practices in Campus Safety and Security operations.
  • Foster high-quality services, campus diversity, and leadership that supports Campus Safety and Security operations.
  • Promote safety and security educational programs throughout the campus community.

Emergency Management (OEM)

The Office of Emergency Management implements programs and projects in emergency and disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, and recovery. Our mission is to create a comprehensive emergency management program for the university in order to save lives, protect property, promote continuity of operations, and reduce the overall effects of large-scale disasters.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

The mission of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is to promote healthy and safe operations on campus, to protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and to ensure the protection of the environment. It is our vision to become a recognized, national leader and innovator in campus environmental health and safety.

Fire Prevention Services (FPS)

Fire Prevention Services ensures a safe environment for faculty, staff, and students by providing an up-to-date fire prevention program. Our fire safety professionals monitor all university buildings for compliance with local and state requirements and work closely with the community to perform the inspections and drills necessary to lower the risk and potential repercussions of fire on campus.